A downloadable experience for Windows

*Note* This is an old project made using an Oculus DK2 and sdk 0.7.0 - it does not work on a CV1 and hasn't been tested on newer versions of the oculus sdk.

A virtual-pet-like experience where you, a ghost, befriend a curious magical bat.

Bat Touch was created as a fun programming project for the Leap Motion 3d Jam.

An Oculus Rift DK2 capable of running software compiled with the 0.7.0 sdk and a Leap Motion device are required to complete the experience.

Look around, stare at the bat, and maybe you can befriend the little guy!

I've only tested this on my machine (i7, Geforce 970) so I can't guarantee performance on lower specs. The assets are pretty light though, so I hope it works with your setup!


- John


Install instructions

Unzip the file somewhere and run BatTouch.exe

This game/experience was built with Unity, so if you can run Unity games on a Windows PC that supports Oculus Rift runtime 0.7.0 and Leap Motion, you should be all set to go!


BatTouch.zip 34 MB


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Doesn't seem to work on CV1. Looks pretty good, though!

Yup - sorry this is a very old jam project made with a DK2 on an old version of the Oculus SDK in an old version of Unity. I'll look about marking it that way or taking it down. Would love to update it but my time is busy with new projects! Thanks!